Get involved

Experience tells us that the best way to help homeless people is to support organisations that work with people on the streets to tackle the underlying causes of their situation and provide a holistic package of support to help people off the streets for good.

Some people who beg on the streets are using the money they receive to fuel a drug or alcohol addiction, which is extremely harmful to their health. Giving money to someone can also prevent them from engaging with services which can help, effectively sustaining their street homelessness.

We believe therefore that the best way to ensure effective and sustainable help for vulnerable people on the streets it is to support local charities, or initiatives such as West End Homelessness.

How to support West End Homelessness

Donate. By supporting West End Homelessness, you will be providing sustainable long-term support to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Email today to find out more about how your business can be part of the solution to homelessness in the West End.

Read and Share. Homeless people are not the problem – homelessness is the problem. Please read and share the stories highlighted by the West End Homelessness campaign.

Make a Referral. Individuals within the local business community are our eyes and ears on the ground. You are uniquely positioned to support the Street Engagement Team to reach people in need of our support. Thank you.

Homelessness impacts whole communities, and needs a whole-community approach to solve.

Westminster is home to a huge number of thriving and successful business – together we are enormously powerful. If we join our voices together in the debate around rough sleeping we can be heard, and if we tackle this issue together, we can make an impact.

What our partners say

“The Heart of London Business Alliance recognises tackling Homelessness is everyone’s business and it’s for this purpose we partner with The Connection. We realise there are no quick-fix solutions so share in a long term commitment to tackling homelessness with a clear call to action to all the corporate goodwill out there. Get involved! And let’s tackle homelessness together in a coordinated & sensible way.”

Robin Hibbert, COO, Heart of London Business Alliance

“We at Shaftesbury are proud, long-term supporters of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields and the vitally important work it does in providing support and assistance to homeless people living in central London.  Our City has always attracted people looking to make a fresh start in life which sadly doesn’t always materialise. Alongside The Connection, we are committed to supporting those vulnerable individuals in our community, providing valuable resources to the charity so that it can continue making a meaningful difference to the lives of those in need.”

Brian Bickell, Chief Executive, Shaftesbury

“The Connection’s SET have been fundamental in the New West End Company area. They have been instrumental in engaging with vulnerable members of the community, educating our staff on care pathway processes and collaborating with our street security teams to address member concerns. New West End Company have seen real benefits to this approach, and we are fully committed to funding this service into the future. We hope our financial contribution can make a real difference to those in need in Westminster.”

James Lawley-Barrett, Associate Director of Place Management, New West End Company

“The value of this work is in the partnership, everyone has to work together to make an impact on this complex challenge and the West End Homelessness approach is achieving just that”

Robert White, Lead Commissioner for Supported Housing & Rough Sleeping Strategy, Westminster City Council