‘Show Your Connection’, our social enterprise, needs your support to open a coffee kiosk and inclusive community space in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour and provide training and a route into work for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

St Martin’s Courtyard, which faces The Connection, is currently not open in the morning and can be a magnet for anti-social behaviour. As such, the kiosk and barista training program, is a chance to regenerate an underused resource in the community as well as developing a self-sustaining training program and jobs provider for one of the largest and most underserved cohorts in our community; the homeless population.

Alongside serving high quality coffee to local commuters, workers and residents alike, the kiosk is an opportunity to sell baked goods and products produced by the kitchen training centre also at The Connection. Community events such as markets and communal breakfasts are in the pipeline too.

A fantastic opportunity to support your local homeless charity and directly contribute to help people find a route off the streets, please give generously. Visit the site here.